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       As we enter the next millennium, telecommunication infrastructure becomes very important to serve as the information superhighway, connecting businesses together. The advent of the Internet and the global workplace demand the presence of instant and fast communications. The deregulation in the telecommunications industry creates a new breed of private entrepreneurs to bring forward revolutionary product and services.

       Indonesia with its vast archipelago is made up of more than ten thousand islands that are still scarcely wired. As Indonesia emerges from the economic crisis, the rebuilding of the businesses becomes essential to its recovery. The recent government policy grants full autonomy to the provinces to build their regional economies for the welfare of the local people. This drive towards economic development in all corners of the country requires the presence of telecommunication infrastructure.

       Against this backdrop, Telesindo Mulia emerges as the newly licensed telecommunication provider of Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) services, utilizing the latest satellite technology to provide seamless connectivity to businesses. The company believes that satellite technology is the most efficient and cost-effective medium of communications for this geographically dispersed country. A customer in a remote area can be linked to its corporate headquarter by installing a VSAT remote unit in each location and be instantly connected via satellite for data, voice and video connectivity.

       As the world enters the era of the New Economy, businesses are increasingly done over the Internet. This IP-based network has also become the common standard for today's private Intranets. Telesindo Mulia has anticipated this technology shift towards IP technology since the early days of the Internet. As such, the Company believes it is the first Indonesian VSAT service provider that built its VSAT system around IP technology since day one.

       At Telesindo Mulia, we recognize the importance of network reliability. As our customers depend on us for their mission critical system, we owe it to them to maintain a high level of network up-time and service level. Our VSAT system has been designed with full redundancy built-in. The system is equipped with the state-of-the-art network monitoring system that is able to detect and remedy problems before the failure occurs. Our field personnel are stationed round the clock and can be dispatched at the moment's notice.

       While we are providing the leading edge technology, we believe that people behind it matters the most. Telesindo Mulia is managed and operated by a team of knowledgeable, skilled and highly regarded professionals in the telecommunications and business fields.

       In summary, we believe Telesindo Mulia represents the future of telecommunications industry in Indonesia. We are ready to provide our customers with the state-of-the-art network infrastructure - now.