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BroadBand VSAT


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      Delivering data, voice and video connectivity to many geographically dispersed sites in Indonesia is fast becoming a necessity to enterprises - making affordable, fast, and reliable delivery systems a business imperative to survive global competition. Many organizations are turning to powerful satellite technology to ensure reliable delivery of data to remote offices without prohibitive bandwidth costs.

      Using very small aperture terminal (VSAT) satellite networks, Telesindo offers your organization rapid deployment of the most comprehensive, cost-effective, end-to-end solution that delivers all the bandwidth you will need. No other networking solution can offer the speed, availability, and reliability of VSATs. We offer a comprehensive range of VSAT solutions that meet the diverse communication need of corporations. Our services are divided into four product names ie. StarLiteTM, SmartLinkTM, SkyPassTM, and ComboNetTM.

      The StarLite VSAT solution is ideal for organizations that look for data connectivity to a central host computer. By installing a StarLite VSAT terminal in each remote office, the computer terminals, either standalone or in a Local Area Network, will be instantly connected to the central host. This star configuration network offers cost-effective solution for on-line, real-time applications.

      For organizations that require voice communications, our SmartLink VSAT solution serves to provide mesh connectivity that allows any remote offices to communicate with each other, in a single low-delay satellite hop. The intelligent switching is done transparently by our Network Operations Center such that the call is established only when needed, and directly between the offices without going to a central PBX. This on-demand phone link comes with high quality voice channels, each with 16 Kbps compression.

      Organizations that have high, continuous communication traffic between two remote offices may choose our SkyPass VSAT solution. This dedicated satellite link at a pre-defined bandwidth is ideal for frequent data downloads or uploads. By using a multiplexer, the link can be shared for both data and voice communications between the two offices.

      We understand that there are organizations that need a combination of the above solutions. Our ComboNet VSAT solution combines any or all of the StarLite, SmartLink, and SkyPass in a single VSAT terminal. This integrated VSAT terminal connects to only a single antenna dish that ranges from 1.8 to 2.4 meter in diameter, an important consideration when space is limited. All of our VSAT solutions are backed by a proven track record in technology, service level and support. Once you sign up for our VSAT services, we will perform the complete installation at the remote offices in a matter of days. Our customers can rely on us to watch over their mission critical network, 24 hours, 7 days for every day of the year. Contact us immediately to start benefiting from our VSAT services.