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Our StarLite product is ideal for organizations that are looking to establish the most efficient, reliable, and cost-effective WAN that supports multiple sites wherever they are located, and whatever networking they require.

A StarLite VSAT unit is located at each remote site, providing two-way data communications between a company's data center and its remote offices. If the data center is located at a different premise than our Master Earth Station, a back-haul link using leased line or radio link can be used.

Our StarLite product effectively supports data-intensive applications and at the same time provides excellent response times for interactive applications. Capacity can be easily allocated to remote sides ensuring optimum response times for remote applications.

The StarLite has been optimized for a wide range of business applications including:

LAN internetworking
Point-of-sale / credit authorizations
Automated Teller Machine transactions
Client/server applications
Multimedia (video and audio) applications
Centralized host system
Inventory Control
Financial transactions
Batch / file transfer
IP interconnections
Internet / intranet

The VSAT unit for the StarLite comes with a set of integrated serial ports that can be configured to support a variety of protocols, including the TCP/IP and PPP for Ethernet connection, as well as X.25, SDLC, Telnet, BSC, and dozens of additional legacy protocols.

For organizations that require LAN internetworking, we can provide a special StarLite VSAT unit with an integrated 10-BASET RJ-45 port that provides Ethernet bridging or IP routing capabilities.

Our StarLite product supports an optional automatic dial-up modem link to the Master Earth Station. This feature is ideal for organizations that require the highest uptime. Our VSAT unit can trigger a modem call to the Master Earth Station to resume the network connection over regular telephone line until the VSAT link is back online.

All of these features are available only at our StarLite VSAT product.


Technical Specifications
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Data Rates
    Asynchronous : up to 19.2 kbps
    Synchronous : 1.2 - 64 kbps (Standard rates)
    LAN Ethernet : 10 Mbps

    Maximum up to 32 DB25 ports with multiport card option

    Data : RS-232
    LAN Ethernet : UTP, RJ45

Portocol Support
    Ethernet (10Mbps)
    Transparent Bridging SCLC (PU4-PU2, PU4-PU4)
    SDLC to Token Ring
    BSC 3270
    Bit and Byte Transparent
    Frame Transparent
    X.3/X.28 PAD
    Specialized Protocols

Bit Error Rate
    1x10-7 - at threshold
    1x10-9 - typical